Restaurant waitress Marie Fields of Edmonton, Canada was moved to tears on Wednesday evening describing the events that unfolded as the “most amazing thing” that had ever happened to her.

Always one to put family first, Marie has a reputation for her thoughtfulness and acts of kindness. Coming from a large family with two brothers and four sisters, Marie is used to walking on a financial tightrope, but growing up would always share money and help provide wherever she could.

So, it is sad to hear that Marie, who is now 27-years old, in recent times had been struggling to provide for her two young daughters despite taking on a second job to earn more money.

“Living costs keep rising and I just can’t keep up” Marie says. “Some weeks you think you’re on top of it but then the end of month comes and all the bills flood in. It’s an endless cycle.”

With no respite in sight, and with family members feeling a similar financial squeeze and being unable to help, Marie was wondering how she would be able to pay for next month’s rent and daycare when something extraordinary happened…

“I just couldn't believe it at first,” Marie said. “I figured it was some fake casino and I'd lose all my spins instantly. It wasn't until I checked my online statement the next evening that I knew it was real."

But her story doesn’t end here. Soon after collecting the winnings and servicing her own debts, Marie visited each of her six siblings as well as a mother and delivered them a cheque for $20,000 each.