In what began with a simple post to social media, Ebba Berglund's photo of a kind-hearted ICA employee walking an elderly gentleman home from the grocery store went viral.

Hampus Jakobsson, an 18-year-old Swedish ICA stock assistant, took it upon himself to walk the 95-year-old Mattias Olofsson home from the Gothenburg, Sweden branch after seeing the older gentleman struggling a little bit.

“I did not know Mattias before, but after seeing him struggle my instant reaction was to assist the man,” said Hampus. “It’s just something that comes natural to me because that’s the way mom and dad raised me.”

The young lad’s act of kindness did not go unnoticed as Ebba snapped a photo on her mobile phone and quickly posted it to social media for all her friends to see. Her post was accompanied by a caption that read: “Saw the most inspiring thing today. This lad deserves some recognition from his workplace and everyone else, so if this gave you a little more faith in the human race PLEASE share!” It quickly grew like wildfire with over a quarter million likes and reposted by thousands of others.

“The gentleman was moving along very slowly, but Hampus was so patient and had a smile on his face the whole time,” said an emotional Ingrid. “It was quite a charming thing to be witness to, they both seemed to be enjoying their conversation.”

We were able to catch up with Mr. Olofsson who was more than grateful for Hampus' act of kindness.

“Being the age that I am, it is not easy to get around these days, especially from my house to the market,” said an appreciative Mr. Olofsson. “Hampus did not have to do what he did, but insisted on it.”

“With no wife or children of my own, the people I converse with is limited so it was nice to have company home, but more importantly I made it there safely thanks to the young lad. I really appreciate ICA for allowing him to take time out of his shift to assist me.”

After becoming an overnight celebrity, many of the people reaching out from all around the globe suggested starting a Gofundme account to reward him for his good deed.

Hampus says that his newfound social media fame “feels great, weird but great.”

“I was shocked when people wanted to setup a Gofundme.”

“Don’t get me wrong, I’m very appreciative, but I never expected anything in return. I’d just hope someone would do that for me if I ever needed it.”

Hampus plans to apply for university and use the Gofundme funds for tuition.