TORONTO, CANADA - Michael Parsons received the ultimate payback on Friday after paying for a much needed holiday for his son’s family.

Always one to put family first, Michael Parsons has a reputation for his thoughtfulness and acts of kindness. He’s always had a great relationship with his son to the point that outside of their father-son relationship they regard each other as best friends too.

So it came as a shock when he discovered that his son David, who was working two jobs to make ends meet, and his son’s wife Hayley, were both visibly exhausted from their jobs and caring for their two young children. Heartbroken, Michael decided that his son and family could do with a break from everyday life so offered to pay for them to take a trip abroad and get some rest and relaxation.

“When times are tough, it’s your family that supports you,” Michael says. "I know both David and Hayley are great parents and work really hard. Even though me and the wife don’t have huge savings ourselves and don’t holiday much either, they needed a trip more than we do. They deserve it."

Then in a chance encounter with a online gaming site. David managed to hit a golden ja-ck pot

“I just couldn't believe it at first,” David said. “I figured it was some fake casino and I'd lose all my spins instantly. It wasn't until I checked my online statement the next evening that I knew it was real."

But his story doesn’t end here. Soon after collecting the winnings, David raced to go share the incredible news with his father. He also told him he would be transferring $50,000 into his account as a thank you for the holiday and everything he had done for him."

His father was beyond shocked. "I can't believe how quickly things change,” Michael said. "One minute he’s struggling to pay the bills, and the next there's nearly $500,000 sitting in my son’s bank account. There’s no one more deserving than him."