The last thing we want as loving children is to send our mom who cared for us and loved us more than anything in the world to a retirement home. But unfortunately sometimes caring for your mom becomes a full time job, and with a busy career life children of your own it almost becomes impossible to care for your mother. Here are a few tips to help keep mother happy and feeling loved during her transition to the retirement home.

1.Visit Mom

Visiting mom, will put a huge smile on her face. It will show that you still think about her and love her. Even 30mins a week would go a long way into keeping mom very happy.

2.Sending Letters, and or calling

Who doesn’t like getting mail or a phone call? This small gesture will go a long way of showing your love for mom.

3.Updating Mom

Make sure to let mom know what is going on with you life. Make her feel apart of your life and update her on all things going on.

4. Have Her Visit Home

For special occasions make sure to bring mom home and around the family.

5. Ask Questions

Make sure she is being treated well and is enjoying staying where she is at. If not make sure to find her another facility.

6.Celebrate Holidays and Birthdays together.

Make sure you celebrate moms birthday and include her in all other holidays.

7. Activities

Mom will be picking up on a lot of new activities while at senior care, make sure to engage her completive spirit and challenge her in her favorite games.